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  • SafeCity-One

    A Safe City means good economy and prosperous businesses in tourism, trading, investment and all other segments. Safe City also means confidence and trust in a safe environment and Teletrol-One provides the technology to bring about safety so people and the country can enjoy peace and harmony now and in the future.

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  • SafeAirport

    For safety and security reasons cargo and baggage must be scanned for explosives and narcotics before being loaded onboard aircrafts and people must be scanned for weapons as well to capture threats from terrorists and drug smugglers. Teletrol-One supplies the high-performance equipment that scans cargo and baggage and checks people for traces of explosives and narcotics and ensures thorough checking without slowing down the business.

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  • ICT Solutions

    Use of technology in government sector increases efficiency and puts Thailand in better position to provide services to citizens and corporations and to compete with other countries in the region and all over the world. Teletrol-One is a trusted IT solution partner by government agencies and departments and a is major driver promoting use of innovative IT solutions in the administration.

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  • Maintenance

    Maintenance services include both hardware and software maintenance as well as support services. Teletrol-One’s is a trusted supplier of maintenance and services to many government institutions and our professional teams help keep services and crucial operations functioning around the clock.

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  • Innovation

    Teletrol-One is a leader in innovative life-saving security solutions. Investment in innovation and innovative solution is investment is investment in the future of our country.

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  • Professional

    Trust is our business and the foundation for all the products and solution that we include in the Teletrol-One brand. Our trusted products and solutions and our professional  experts respond to the needs and solve the problems.

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