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National Office of Buddhism


Development Buddhist Central Information Technology System Installation Computer and Processing Equipment Computer System Development of Information Technology and Backup Generators Installation Network System and Internet Equipment Inspection and Reparation of Network Equipment on 2nd floor, 1st building Reparation of the Central Information System of Buddhism Rental Line High-Speed Internet of the Central Information System of [...]

National Statistical Office


Computer Reparation on ICR System Procurement and Installation of Computer Equipment and Scan (ICR) at Bueng Kan Development Technology Storage Development Integrated Statics Information System Providing Computer System with Equipment to Increase the Efficiency for Training Installation Scan (ICR) Machines in the Province

National Institute of Educational Testing Service


Improvement and Development Data Center, Backup and Recovery System from Disaster Purchase Order HP Desktop PC, Model ProDesk 280 G2 Procurement and Installation Network Equipment to Area Extension Support of National Institute of Educational Testing Service Computer Transferring and Equipment of the E-testing Project Procurement Equipment and Backup Management Software Merchandise Load Balance Equipment for [...]

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